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Tell a good story

Video is an immensely powerful tool for the healthcare industry. Since this industry is all about people, video offers the opportunity to highlight patient impact in a way that other mediums cannot. 

However, making videos for the healthcare industry can be daunting because the topics that marketers need to tackle are often incredibly complex. This complexity can restrict a viewer's ability to understand the impact and importance of your organization's breakthroughs. Strong storytelling is the best way to combat this. When you engage your audience with a narrative that they can grasp, you generate the possibility for them to connect with your desired message. The following headings are not “easy steps” per se, but rather checkpoints to ensure you are on the right track. 

Identify your goal

Generating the best video starts with identifying what your goal and who your audience is. What would be the outcome for you to consider this video successful? Common objectives for this industry are: 

  • Improve B2B communications

  • Demonstrate your product’s value

  • Increase investor interest in your product or service

  • Improve B2C communications

  • Enroll patients to participate in clinical trials 

  • Improve the training of your staff

  • Boost morale within your organization 

A thoroughly strategized video can be a successful asset to achieve all of these goals. However, it is important to plan properly by thinking about your overall marketing strategy and where this video fits in. If you make a video just to have one, it will likely not achieve the type of success you desire. 

Determine the right video strategy

What will the distribution platform of this video be and where in the sales funnel will it sit? Your marketing funnel is very important when thinking about video. How long will you have a captive audience? The answer might be different if you plan to show this video on a loop at a trade show or via social media. When we create our videos at 7 Wonders Cinema, we always discuss these factors before recommending the type of video to produce. The following are different types of videos that we often create for the healthcare industry and how they can be effective. 


These are just a few different types of videos. There are also commercials, branded content videos, animated videos and more. 

Make it simple

Once you have determined the best type of video content, it is time to plan and create! Creating for the healthcare industry is all about complex ideas into simple powerful videos. It is a challenge because they need to be easy to understand. Often marketers will want to pack so much into a short piece of content that the message is lost. You need to choose a single concept to focus on so that viewers can walk away with a core idea and take action. 

Make it visually engaging 

People have very short attention spans and they need to be engaged. A lot of healthcare scenarios might feel clinical or complex, which makes it challenging to create a visually engaging piece. We often integrate motion graphics into our live action footage to spice it up. Motivated camera movement is also crucial. Do not simply move the camera to move it, but incorporate planned gimbal, dolly and slider shots that enhance the visual experience for the viewer. 


Make an emotional connection

This is the most important point. Even if your visuals are not the best, if you connect with your audience, it can be forgiven. Making an emotional connection always comes back to storytelling. Make sure every video has a clear beginning, middle and end. Make sure that subjects feel like real people on screen, not cardboard cutouts without personality. Making an emotional connection requires you to dig deep into the person and the brand to discover why it really matters for the audience. If there is true value for them, you can build a story around it.

When you create videos that follow this pattern, you can generate effective results. 


These are best for a website or YouTube channel where you know your audience is willing to watch for two minutes to learn something. We often see them at the bottom of the funnel once a potential lead has already expressed interest and wants to learn more.


These can be released in longer form as part of an explainer series, or shorter for social media. These are great at connecting with your audience and providing social proof that your product works effectively. They can be used anywhere in the marketing funnel if you have multiple lengths of them edited.


This type of video more describes a style rather than the content inside. Motion graphics are really good at explaining things, but not as good at establishing an emotion connection with an audience. Keep that in mind when deciding where to employ them.

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