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7 Wonders Cinema is a full-service, award-winning production partner with global capabilities. 

The company was founded in 2015, by Michael Ayjian and Stephen Skeel, who recognized major inefficiencies in how brands typically produced  content. With ever-increasing video needs, traditional agencies become cumbersome and costly because they subcontract all facets of the process. 

7 Wonders was born as a script to screen, direct to client solution. By working directly with an in-house production team, clients benefit from fast turnarounds and award-winning results.  


With offices in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and Miami, the 7 Wonders team has helped brands like Comcast, Blue Shield of California and the Capital Group achieve their content goals. 

Mid-Atlantic Winner


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By replacing agencies and working directly with 7 Wonders as a content engine, clients enjoy fast turnarounds and high quality results.

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Our philosophy has always been to remove current industry obstacles that prevent creative and efficient workflows and to unlock the creativity of every team member.

- Michael Ayjian, Co-Founder


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Michael Ayjian, a fourth-generation entrepreneur, began making films while growing up in Philadelphia’s Old City district. Equipped with his father's mini-DV camera and an insatiable desire to learn more about the world, Michael recorded man-on-the-street interviews with unsuspecting Old City tourists. Even at a young age, Michael never shied away from asking thought provoking questions. That same attitude has shaped him into the bold and confident leader he is today.

Meanwhile, thirty miles north, young Stephen Skeel spent his formative years teaching himself rudimentary special effects. Enthralled with Star Wars, Stephen immersed himself in the world of storytelling, experimenting with DIY techniques in his backyard and recruiting middle school friends to be his talent. His efforts culminated in the screening of his forty-minute Indiana Jones-themed film at a local theater to a packed house.

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Shooting a commercial for Expedia's

tourism initiative in Philadelphia. 

Both knew that they wanted to pursue careers in filmmaking and met as eighteen-year-olds bound for New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. They began collaborating as students there, producing music videos and short-form content. The national acclaim they received opened up opportunities for commercial projects, and their company was born. After graduating a semester early, Michael and Stephen established headquarters in the Ayjian basement and got down to business. They chose the name 7 Wonders to reflect their commitment to producing timeless work with lasting impact.


Immediately, clients appreciated their accessibility and passion for storytelling and 7 Wonders grew rapidly. Today, the company maintains offices throughout the United States and provides video content to the world's largest organizations. The qualities that served the founders well in their youth--Michael's bold curiosity and Stephen's dedication to craft--continue to guide them and steer their company. Michael's mini-DV camera is on display at 7 Wonders' Philadelphia office to remind the entire team of the company's values and creative roots.

Skeel and Ayjian accepting an award

at the GI Film Festival in Washington DC. 

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