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5 Reasons Why You Need a New Corporate Video Production Company

One of the most critical aspects of digital marketing is video content. The more viewers that you can garner with a commercial video, the easier it is to showcase your advertising, customer service, and the latest technologies that you have at your disposal.

However, if you’re trying to increase the professionalism of the company and the validity of your platform, a high-quality corporate video production service is one of the best investments you can make. While many of the best video marketing strategies involve advertising, showing people the “who,” “what,” and “why” behind a business is powerful.

Here is everything you need to know about corporate video production and how to make the best use of it in your business today.

What Is Corporate Video?

The most significant way corporate video production differs from regular video production is the subject matter. While most advertising videos are intended to launch a new product, show off service providers, or share a promotion, corporate video is focused on showing customers who a company is. It shows the characteristics of the employees, the CEO, and the company’s practices at large.

A corporate video is almost like a short documentary focusing on a core business instead of its products. These videos might talk about Corporate Social Responsibility, your marketing plan, and your founder and provide testimonial videos of what the company is like. A straightforward, emphatic take on this information can dramatically boost the external perspective of a company.

When creating a script for a corporate video, focus on key details behind the company's processes, motivations, and goals. You want to create high-quality videos that show people what the company is all about and why they can be trusted with people’s engagements.

What Do Video Production Companies Do?

When creating corporate videos, it’s best to work with a top video production company. These companies will help ensure that your videos are of the highest quality, as well as create motion graphics, provide expensive cameras, and deal with all the edits and all other technical, creative, and production related elements desired.

While some companies are large enough to handle corporate video production internally, those companies are few and far between. Even just organizing a photo or video shoot can take months of pre-production. Getting it across the finish line can take even more time in post-production. Even if you’re only creating short videos, creating high-quality content takes time, energy, money, and decades worth of skill and experience.

Video production companies work towards a more professional, streamlined process so you don’t have to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into a production team. If you are looking to share your business’s identity with the world, look into a company that can take care of your corporate video production services!

The Best Reasons To Find a New Corporate Video Production Company

Here’s why it's so important to look for a new corporate video production company. If you’re starting from scratch or trying to find a more professional organization, here are some reasons to fuel your search!

An All-Inclusive Process

A video production company should be able to take your video from square one to the finish line, all by themselves. They will still be looking for your feedback to create the best possible video, but it will be an autonomous process.

The best video production companies allow you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be while creating a professional-level product no matter what.

Decades of Experience and Expertise

When selecting a video production company, make sure to look at its portfolio. Knowing what kinds of work they’ve done before can inform the kind of work that they’ll do for you.

High-level teams will likely have decades of experience in multiple industries and fields, which can benefit the expertise they put into your company’s video content. Look for a company that can prove they know what they’re doing — that kind of investment will almost always pay in dividends.

A Clearer View of Timelines and Budgets

It can be hard to establish a realistic timeline and budget for a video project, especially when you don’t have the experience required to make it happen. However, professional video production companies have the experience needed to accurately assess how long creating a video will take and how much it will cost.

Whether you’re looking for a brief voiceover video or a full-scale film with a storyboard and hundreds of shots, a video production company will know how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Higher-Quality Productions and Content

Even if you’re just planning to put your explainer video on social media and aren’t looking for an Oscar-winning film, quality is still of the utmost importance.

You leave a massive impression on your customer base when your company can demonstrate professionalism in the smallest parts of your social media presence. A high-quality video production company is there to help you achieve the best videos possible and make your company look even better.

Fresh Perspectives

If you’re switching from an old video production company, one of the biggest advantages is getting a fresh perspective. If your brand’s identity feels outdated and stale, having a new company create content for you can help refresh your whole company’s external viewpoints. This can help you stay relevant and move forward.

Start Researching Today

If you’re looking for a new video production company to help with your corporate video needs, don’t hesitate to look to our teams here at 7 Wonders! We’ve worked with small startups and large corporations, bringing something unique to the table each time. Our teams have years of experience staying up to date with trends while staying true to the identity of the company that we’re working for.

If you want content and a video branding identity that works for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always looking for new companies and brands to partner with — there’s nothing we love more than being able to bring new life into a company that needs it to reach the next level. If you’re interested in what we can do for you, feel free to check out our work and get a real look at our processes and services.


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