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5 Tips & Tricks For B2B Video Marketing In 2022

When most people think of the word “customer,” they think of the world's general population. For most businesses, customers are individuals interested in their products and services enough to spend money on them. And while customers are definitely found in average individuals worldwide, they can also be found in businesses as a whole.

When a company makes it a goal to start turning businesses into customers, they start looking into B2B marketing, or business-to-business marketing. This special kind of marketing focuses on creating customers from businesses and organizations instead of exclusively focusing on individuals. That means you’re using a different voice than you would to sell to one person — generally one that’s straightforward and information-based — and you’re marketing a different kind of product.

Follow these five tips and tricks, and you’ll be well on your way to acquiring some of the most important customers and clients of your business’s history.

What Is B2B Marketing?

B2B is a clever acronym that stands for business to business. This is the term that professionals use to describe two or more businesses or companies doing business with each other.

While the rules and guidelines of marketing remain similar, it’s essential to recognize that B2B marketing is not the same as B2C marketing, or business-to-consumer marketing.

One of the most significant differences that sets apart B2B marketing is that it tends to be much more formal and professional in its attitude and overall feel. Whereas a lot of B2C marketing is based on appealing to emotions and making things look exciting, B2B marketing is much more direct, with less room for playful marketing methods. When doing B2B marketing, you need to answer the question, “Who are you, and what can you do for me?” For example, rather than crafting a cute, jokey slogan or following the latest TikTok trend, B2B marketing is more likely to make use of infographics to directly target their customer base.

Of course, marketing is still marketing. If you can do B2B marketing in a clever way that still appeals to both the human and professional sides of a business, that is ideal. However, the standards in B2B marketing tend to be higher. That means that if you are marketing to other businesses, you need to make sure that your marketing content is high quality.

How Can You Use Video in B2B Marketing?

One of the best ways to increase your B2B marketing quality is by using video marketing. A good video explains and illustrates concepts effectively and makes a larger impact than another text box or email. Making a video that looks and feels professional will create an excellent first impression, showing that your company has a high standard for quality.

The great thing about video is that it’s easier to illustrate your business’s solutions in a tactile manner. B2B videos can show as well as tell, which ensures that the content is more effective at communicating your message and remaining memorable.

Even in the world of business, people are still people, and people like to watch videos. Making great B2B video content can be beneficial for your B2B marketing strategies.

Five Tip & Tricks for B2B Video Marketing

When creating B2B video content, there are a few key things to remember. These will help make sure your video content is as effective as possible and can make as much of an impact on the recipients as possible.

Keep It Light-Hearted… Relatively

Remember that the business or businesses you are marketing to are still made up of individuals at the end of the day. Nobody wants to have to watch a boring, soulless video that goes through details of your company like it’s reading out of an 8th-grade physics textbook. Incorporate energy and character into your B2B marketing content to make it feel exciting and engaging.

Being overly sincere is also something to watch out for when creating B2B content. Try to strike a balance that will best appeal to the businesses you are marketing to.

Show Real-World Solutions

When a business is looking for other businesses to partner with, the most critical question that they are trying to answer is, “how can this business help my business?” In your B2B marketing video, you need to answer that question as effectively as possible. Inform potential customers of the goods and services you offer, and show them how they can implement them in their day-to-day activities.

The whole point of a business is to offer solutions to customers. Show businesses how your business can offer real-world solutions to them.

Make Use of Social Media

Not all of your B2B marketing has to be done through direct contact. Posting B2B marketing on your social media can help reach more businesses that otherwise might not pay attention to your marketing efforts. Small businesses especially spend a lot of time on social media.

Almost everyone has social media in the modern world, including the people who make up businesses. Using social media to market to those businesses through their members can be useful and can make a real difference in your marketing successes.

Be Concise

Businesses have a lot going on, and most employees don’t have time to sit down and watch a thirty, fifteen, or even a five-minute video on how great your business is. When doing B2B marketing, focus on making the videos as short as possible. This will make it so that people are more likely to even interact with your videos in the first place.

And remember—you don’t need to talk about every single service, product, or feature that your company has in a short video. Give just enough information to whet the appetite and encourage the business to continue researching your business on their own time.

Have Impeccable Production Quality

If a B2B marketing video looks low quality or amateurish, that’s almost always an instant turn-off for anyone watching. It’s essential to ensure that all B2B marketing content is as high quality as possible. A bad video leaves a bad impression of the company's quality and often results in the loss of a potential customer.

Don’t be afraid to invest a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into your B2B marketing content. Often, businesses will create a more sustainable profit for your company as a whole. This means that investing in your B2B marketing can be a fantastic way to invest in your company as a whole.

How 7 Wonders Can Help

If you are looking to create high-quality B2B marketing content but don’t have the time, energy, or team to make it happen internally, you don’t need to worry — that’s why 7 Wonders exists. We are here to help you turn your concepts and ideas into real video realities.

If you are looking for industry professionals to make your company look and feel as good as possible, don’t hesitate to reach our team at 7 Wonders.


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