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A Step by Step Guide on How To Make a Memorable Commercial

Commercials are a ubiquitous part of contemporary life, and they’re one of the most common types of media we encounter. Because of that, every aspiring commercial maker has a challenge in store — being memorable.

In a world that’s so saturated with everything from television commercials to pop-up advertisements, how can a small business make sure its marketing campaign will stand out? Even if you create a high-quality video, a larger company might be able to make one with just a bit more polish and production quality. This can be incredibly frustrating.

However, you have everything you need to create a finished commercial that is memorable, impactful, and beneficial for your brand awareness. That’s because the most important part of an effective commercial isn’t the production quality — it’s the content. And today, anyone can make good content if they have the know-how.

Here is how to create a commercial that is effective and memorable in whatever field you work.

What Makes a Successful Commercial?

Think about the best commercials you’ve seen and why you remember them. Is the thing that really stuck out to you the crispness of the image quality and excitement of the music or the placement of the B-roll? The answer is likely no.

What makes a great video is only partially about the production quality. More than anything, a good video commercial knows how to tell a powerful, straightforward story to and from the right people. While this might seem like a simple goal, it can take decades to master.

When focusing on video marketing, some of the most successful commercials are based on paring down the message to its bare necessities.

Creating a Commercial: Simplified to Five Steps

Creating a high-quality commercial requires a lot of work. Taking an idea from pre-production through capturing footage to post-production and release is a long, arduous process. Even still, creating an effective commercial is still within the realm of possibility for almost any company.

By following these steps through the process, you can make a commercial or video ad that makes a difference.

Know Your Brand

The first thing you need to think about before you begin to brainstorm ideas for your commercial is this — who are you as a company? What makes you you? The one thing that no other company can replicate is a unique identity.

Even if you elect to work with an external video production company, they will ask you who you are. Identify the unique aspects of your brand and company and capitalize on them.

Even if you use a simple video template for your commercial, incorporating your brand’s identity will make you memorable. This is the most critical first step when creating any kind of online video, but especially an advertisement.

Know Your Target Audience

If you ask any professional what the first rule of business is, it’s this — know your target audience. Only specific demographics of people will be interested in your products. Instead of wasting time, energy, and money trying to market to people who won’t be interested no matter what, put your money into marketing to the right people.

This can also make ideation and brainstorming much easier. When you have your target audience in view, you know what kind of humor to use, what cultural elements to highlight, and what social media platforms to focus on.

Knowing your target audience enables you to narrow down the scope of your commercial to maintain an intentional focus on the right people.

Create a Compelling Story

The most important thing to focus on in a commercial is storytelling. If you can tell a story about why your product or brand is vital, you’ll be golden.

People are more likely to remember the commercial when there is an actual story to latch onto. This power is compounded when you can tell the story to appeal to the target demographic you are going after.

Of course, this is where it gets complicated — most times, you need to tell this story in thirty seconds or less. In some cases, you need to get people hooked in the first five seconds, or they’ll just click straight away.

Keep It Simple

Instead of trying to fit 50 pieces of stock footage, dozens of transitions, and three different voice-overs into your advertisement, focus on the essence of what you’re trying to say. This makes the video much easier to remember and eliminates confusion about the message.

Think about that one lizard’s favorite insurance company and their advertisements. The whole ad is almost always just a gecko making a clever quip in an Australian accent and then the company’s tagline. It’s simple, concise, and engaging.

Focus on Quality

If your commercial will be short, you need to get it right. Even if you are making your promo with video editing software you downloaded for free online, that doesn’t mean that you can’t do things as perfectly as possible. When you’re making your commercial, it’s okay to be a perfectionist — in fact, it’s encouraged.

Even if you manage to get someone’s attention for the thirty or so seconds of your commercial, any semblance of amateurishness will likely turn them away. Make every second of the short duration of your commercial count.


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