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Everything You Need To Know About Video Production Services

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

If you are creating content, one of the most essential mediums to focus on is video content. Many marketing and psychology experts agree that video is one of the most impactful ways to inform, interact with, and engage audiences on a large scale. There's a good reason for that — video stimulates people's eyes, ears, and minds in a way that few art forms can match.

One drawback of video, however, is that there is lots of room for unprofessional content creation. For example, your video may be shot professionally and scripted perfectly. However, if it is edited poorly and the audio doesn’t sound good, the video as a whole will still seem amateurish and low quality. That’s why it’s so important to know about all of the different services that go into video production — so you can create the highest quality videos possible.

Here is everything you need to know about video production services and how to maximize their effectiveness in your content.

What Is Video Production?

Video production is the process of taking a video from being a simple concept in someone’s mind to a full-fledged video that viewers can interact with. It requires many different stages, skills, and processes to do professionally.

When you know the general roadmap of how to create a video, you can identify the places in which your production process is lacking and find ways to adapt and overcome your production’s faults. Video production is organized into three stages — pre-production, production, and post-production.

Pre-production is all about scripting, strategizing, and planning how you will complete the project. Production is when you actively acquire audio and visual footage that you will incorporate into the final video. Post-production is when you edit together all the footage and polish it into a complete, high-quality final product. Understanding how to navigate all of these stages will enable you to create the best video possible and stay organized through the entire process.

What Are Video Production Services?

Video is a versatile medium and tool in the world of content. It can serve a huge array of internal and external content creation functions and help provide detail and depth in a compact, concise form. Video can be a powerful tool for communication for both professional and casual audiences.

Since video is such a versatile communication tool, it’s important to break it down into several smaller categories, better known in the video world as services. Different services are designed to meet different goals and appeals. Knowing how these services differentiate and work uniquely can help you choose the right video production service for each situation.

What Are the Most Important Video Production Services?

Although you can use video in almost any marketing circumstance, certain more popular types of video services are common today. Here are some of the most popular kinds of video production services and how you can use them to reach different audiences most effectively.


Testimonials are essential for creating trust and credibility with an audience. While reviews are regularly shared online, having someone actually get in front of a camera and talk about their experiences with a product or company is much more effective.

Testimonial videos are the foundation of displaying the personal impact your services have on potential customers and clients.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics add spice, excitement, and eye candy to a video. Quality motion graphics help direct eyes to vital information, add a sense of professionalism, and just make your video look cooler. If you want to boost the visual appeal of your video content, creating exciting motion graphics is a fantastic move to make.

Just make sure you don’t phone it in — if there’s anything that makes a video look amateurish, it’s low-quality motion graphics. Don’t hesitate to reach out to external video companies and content creators if you want to add high-quality visual flair to your videos.


For a long time, animation required massive teams of professional artists and animators. Luckily, modern technology has dramatically lowered the entry bar into high-quality animation.

However, animation is a video production service that still requires lots of training and experience to do well, especially for individual video creators and small teams. Reaching out for help with animation can take your videos to the next level in terms of production quality and visual excitement.

Social Media Videos

Social media videos are some of the most commonly produced pieces of content in the world today. Since the invention of the smartphone camera, virtually anyone can take decent videos of themselves and their lives. However, if you want to stand out on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, you’ll need to drastically increase your social media videos' quality.

Of course, the best social media videos are still intimate, personable, and low-key. But if you can create exceptional social media videos, it can lead to viral success on many social media platforms.

Corporate Videos

When communicating within your own company or to other large organizations, it is vital to do it professionally. High-quality corporate videos are useful for sharing important information in a way that leaves an impact on your staff, clients, and partners. This video production service often incorporates many other services, like motion graphics, animation, and testimonials, to get the point across.

If you are looking for better ways to boost your communication with your professional acquaintances, look into corporate videos. They are more impactful and memorable than a simple email or text blast and can help create a healthier company culture. Just make sure that you do it in a way that maintains high professional standards.

How 7 Wonders Can Help

If you want to increase the quality of your company’s or organization’s videos but don’t have access to an internal team that can do that, 7 Wonders is here to help. We make it possible for a variety of companies to produce high-quality video content. Our teams are highly skilled and experienced with taking ideas and concepts and turning them into real videos that you can share to boost your presence.

Our team at 7 Wonders can provide you with these high-level video production services, as well as many more. If you are looking for any of these services for your own company, don’t hesitate to check out our website or contact us for more information.


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