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What Is an Explainer Video? All You Need To Know

Of all modern communication methods, video tends to be the most effective, memorable, and impactful. Video stimulates more senses and is delivered in a more engaging way than reading or listening do on their own. As a communication format, video combines other mediums to create a single unified message that can impact the viewers.

Because of this, many companies use the format of video to explain products, services, and other information to their audiences. Many companies, creators, and organizations use these explainer videos to inform prospective customers about what they can offer them. Other times, explainer videos are used to detail and show more specific information that might be hard to communicate clearly solely through writing.

Explainer videos are one of the most popular ways to communicate important information to consumers today. This is how to make an explainer video that is as effective and useful as possible to both the company and the customer. Keep reading to find out more about how helpful explainer videos can be.

What Are Explainer Videos?

There are many kinds of explainer videos, depending on the needs of the company. In almost every case, an explainer video highlights and illustrates an organization’s services, products, or ideas in an engaging and exciting way. These videos are meant to be fun, easy to understand, and capable of communicating general messages and ideas.

Often, you can find explainer videos on the front page of a company or person’s website or as the highlighted video on their YouTube channel. They are typically used to help a person who is new to a brand understand what the company is about and give them a good first impression. These videos are typically short and easy to digest, with a primary focus on clarity and accessibility.

How To Make Good Explainer Videos

When making an explainer video, it’s important to follow a few basic guidelines throughout the creation and production process. Many of the most successful and effective explainer videos follow the same general format and style, which is important for increasing clarity and effectiveness.

Here are some important aspects to focus on in your own explainer videos.

Be Concise

One thing that many explainer videos get wrong is being too long and including too much information. An effective explainer video will focus on just a few key points and make sure that they are explained as effectively as possible. When there is too much information in a video, it can overwhelm prospective customers and make it hard to focus on the critical aspects of the brand.

General rules include keeping the video’s length down to just a couple of minutes and focusing on communicating one to three main points. It’s always better to communicate a smaller number of points effectively than to communicate more ideas poorly.

Focus on High Quality

Achieving the highest possible quality should be the standard for any business seeking video content, and an explainer video is no exception. If you do it right, explainer videos are the first thing a prospective customer will see from the company. If your video isn’t good, it will leave a negative impression on the viewer, which can cause your company to lose a potential customer.

Ensure that the quality of the video’s production and content is as high as possible. First impressions are valuable, and a good explainer video can make all the difference to a prospective customer.

Create a Call to Action

For explainer videos—as well as most other marketing content—it’s important to incorporate a call to action into the video. This gives the viewer a clear picture of what they can do with the information they just learned and helps them interact with the company.

One of the biggest causes of a low conversion rate in marketing is when there isn’t a strong call to action. If your explainer video can provide the next steps for the customer, the customer is more likely to take action with the company.

Focus on the Target Audience

When using explainer videos, it’s important to make sure that you focus on the target audience and explain your services, products, or ideas to someone with their perspective.

For example, if you are creating an explainer video for a younger target audience, focus on the aspects of your explanation that would appeal to them specifically. Trying to appeal to too many audiences and demographics will make your video feel less engaging to the specific group you are targeting. Specifically focus on the customers who are more likely to already want what you are offering, and create the video with them in mind.

Provide Information on Who the Brand Is

If this is the viewer’s first interaction with the brand or company, give them a good idea of what and who they are dealing with. Make sure to use up-to-date branding assets and display the company’s attitudes and values as much as possible. Give the viewer a good idea of what makes your company unique, not just in terms of what products you offer but in terms of your unique branding.

Explainer videos are a great way to share the company's mission statement, core characteristics, and products. Of course, it’s still vital to be as concise and punchy as possible. Just make sure that every aspect of the video and the production is working to help the viewer develop a positive impression of the company.

How To Communicate Effectively With an Explainer Video

One of the most powerful tools in an explainer video focuses on showing as well as telling. Instead of just providing a list of steps, show the viewer through real-world examples.

For instance, if you are explaining how a product works, use the video to show someone using the product and the steps that go along with it. If you are explaining an idea or concept, accompany spoken words and text with video of those ideas coming to fruition in the real world.

Explainer videos are so effective because they are capable of using multiple media mediums to explain an idea. Make use of all those different mediums in your videos as much as possible.

How 7 Wonders Can Help

Creating an effective, high-quality explainer video can be difficult, especially for a company that doesn’t focus on video content professionally. Luckily, that’s why 7 Wonders exists — to create video content at a higher quality level than companies can do on their own. Working together with our team at 7 Wonders, any company or creator can produce a video that is powerful and useful and makes a real impact on their prospective customers.

If you are looking to create content that makes a difference, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 7 Wonders — we’re here to help make your video dreams turn into reality.


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